Theme Park

biljane-mapTheme Park BILJAane Donje, unique and educational display of culture and a way of life of the inhabitants of Ravnih Kotara which extends to 21.2 ha. Harnessing all that nature provides, nurturing and caring about nature, and enjoying the fruits of their own labor. Our goal is to offer a unique experience, away from the noise of the city, where one can dedicate to oneself, to enjoy true peace and at the same time learn about agriculture. To be filled and leave richer with new knowledge, an excellent spirit and and completely ready for further hectic life in their communities. Stress is now affecting human life and escape into nature is what one desires.

Autochthonous Dalmatian culture

On one part of the park will sprouts autochthonous Dalmatian culture, traditional olives and vines. The inevitable fruit that all the inhabitants of Ravnih Kotara grow are cherries, cherrys, plums, quinces, walnuts, almonds. All of the mentioned fruit are exceptional source of health, full of vitamins and minerals necessary for proper and balanced nutrition. The entire theme park will be fenced with Dalmatian stone walls. Through planted cultures will wriggle spread a long promenade, perfect for an enjoyable and educational tour. Guests will be able to participate in the cultivation of cultures planted, in a program, with the experts, where they will be able to keep abreast of the characteristics of individual cultures, their nutritional values and way of treatment until harvesting.
Through organized workshops, which will take expert guidance, they will learn about the nature and benefits for participation to get a degree as a reminder of the lessons learned.

  • The theme park is located in Donje Biljane near Zadar, a city with a rich history and numerous buildings, recognized in Croatia and abroad for the Church of St. Donat the Cathedral of St. Stošija, that are only 16 km away from the park.)

    The park is located 149 km away from the Croatian National Park Plitvica Lakes, worth pearls which is included in the list of cultural goods of UNESCO, and only 84 km from National Park Krka, nature reserve indescribably beautiful waterfalls, away. From historic towns rich cultural attractions, near the park, 78 km is the town of Šibenik, famous for the Cathedral of St. Jakov, who is under the protection of UNESCO, and Split, 148 km away, one of the most beautiful destinations in this part of Europe, whose core is Diocletian's Palace and Church of St. Duje.