Specialized holiday for elderly people

Unique holiday in beautiful surrounding, away from the hustle and city noise, close to the recognized beauties of the Croatian region, NP Krka and Kornati.

ekipa1Besides the beauties offered by this region, guests will be able to rest in the property decorated in style typical for the region, rural households in Donje Biljane. During the construction will be used stone and old bricks and other materials related to the area where it is located. The capacity of rural households will include 40 people and will represent a kind of monument to the maintenance of Dalmatian architecture and way of life.
The tavern will express all the traditional elements from the fireplace, the old dishes and tools through to offer of culinary specialties. Particular attention will be directed on decorating where it will be carefully selected every detail to make an air of history and faithful way to represent a lifestyle of ancestors. The facility will be fully adapted to the guests of the third age, especially in the nutrition, great emphasis will be put on local ecologically grown food, otherwise basis of culinary heritage of ravnokotarskog region.
They will be able to connect with nature and participate in agricultural activities like harvesting olives, fruit and grapes. We want them to create a relationship with us, taste and try our way of life as an authentic experience. We want to show that the great moments in nature lead to improvement of the health status to the elderly and increase awareness of the importance of active aging in nature. They will be able to satisfy their interests for local tradition, rural lifestyle and architecture.
The rich cultural heritage of ravnokotarskog region, many natural beauties, unique stay and quality accommodation with lots of details that characterize this region as well as a variety of food and beverages, is the most important what we offer to the guests of the third age.

About Nursing home


Nursing home , “John Paul II” is an institution that will offer its residents a quality lifestyle with constant supervision and support of qualified staff, relaxing environment peace and quiet of mediterranean climate and a wide range of services. Satisfaction and a smile on the faces of all residents, even those most demanding, is the most important goal of our institution. Nursing home “John Paul II” is located in Biljane Donje, picturesque village about fifteen kilometers away from Zadar. It stretches over 2600 square meters, and the building itself is built on three levels with a total accommodation capacity of 53 rooms, in which, depending on the schedule, we would like to achive full capacity by 136 residents. Size of the luxurious and contemporary rooms and suites ranges from 20 to 28 m2, with the interior that satisfy the highest standards laid down by the European Union, and the people that will come to this facility to find their new home will be able for accommodation select one of three types of rooms, single , double or triple. For those who require 24 – hour surveillance there is a special type of accommodation, as well as couples for which are provided apartments.

More information: www.dom-ivanpavaoii.com